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Back in the saddle

I’ve been on the road this week … from Minneapolis to Boston, then Morristown NJ, then back home. The Boston leg was for pleasure (to see Steph), Morristown was for work. Spent all day Sunday with Steph, and the time went too quickly. But a day-long visit is way, way better than not seeing her at all!
Steph is going to Prague in a few weeks. I gave her the string bag I finished recently. It perfectly matches her purple sneakers and thrift store coat.
I haven’t actually started any new knitting projects because of work and travel schedules. I think my next project might be a pullover for Alex, though. I haven’t knitted anything for him in years. Knit ‘n Style, August 2007 has some patterns for sweaters for men:


Alex would want a pullover, not a cardigan. I like the fit of the saddle shoulder, want it to have a round neck rather than a V-neck, and am looking for an interesting but fairly subtle pattern that will look good in maybe a charcoal, light blue or sage. None of the above is right as-is but could maybe be reworked to fit the criteria. If you have a pattern you think I should consider, I’d really love to hear from you!
(And of course I have to complete the reconstruction of the beaded bag I took apart before this trip.)
So…. I think I’m about ready to be back in the saddle again as far as knitting is concerned. I don’t know if Andrea will be checking up on me while she’s in Ireland (to see if I’m holding this site together in her absence). But if you are, Andrea, have a great, great time, travel safe, and tell Brad to have a Guinness for me!

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