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The holiday knitting continues apace. And there’s still not much I can say about it. I’m getting so close to being finished with Mystery Christmas Present #1. So close it hurts. Actually, with winter charging its way toward us inexorably, my hands have gotten dryer and dryer, and as I furiously knitted Mystery Christmas Present #1 last night, the scratchy wool plus my dry hands made for an uncomfortable combination. I’ve seen some talk about Burt’s Bees Hand Salve as a good option for knitters; I may have to try that. Hand lotion + knitting needles made for a slippery situation last night. But I have very little of this scratchy wool project left to finish, so I think I’ll survive.
But! What I really wanted to talk about was knitting podcasts. Monday night in our household is World of Warcraft/Heroes night. Brad plays WOW with his friends, and I watch Heroes at 8:00. (Sadly, this ritual will only go on for one more week because the writer’s strike has cut the Heroes season short.) Before and after Heroes is on, I like to listen to podcasts or audio books while I knit. With Brad safely ensconced in the computer room, I don’t have to worry about bugging him. Last night, I downloaded a podcast I’d never listened to before – Stash and Burn. Brad came out to get a drink of water or something, and it suddenly dawned on me how silly the scene must have seemed to him. Here I was knitting and listening to two people talk about knitting. I told him I was busy knitting with my “friends”.
The first podcast I ever listened to was Cast On by Brenda Dayne. This podcast is so professionally done and so consistently interesting that it has actually ruined the entire realm of podcasts for me. I didn’t get into podcasts in the early days when they were all completely unprofessional. Cast On was the first podcast I listened to and therefore the standard to which I held all other podcasts. And they all fell short. I’ve had to relax my expectations a little bit and now I’m listening to some other podcasts as well. I really enjoyed Stash and Burn. Yes, it doesn’t have the same level of production as Cast On, but it’s a different sort of beast. It’s a casual conversation between two knitting friends, and has a relaxed and comfortable feeling to it unlike the stilted nature of so many other podcasts.
So. In short: you should really listen to Cast On and also to Stash and Burn. You will feel like you’re not just sitting in a room knitting all by yourself. Even though you are.

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