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Art Nouveau Fabric Design

I realize this isn’t knitting related, but perhaps there are some sewing enthusiasts in the house? Recently I’ve become addicted to Spoonflower, the website where you can upload your own fabric designs and have them printed on demand. Or buy other designers’ fabric.
They’re having a contest right now to design fabric with an Art Nouveau theme. So I thought, what the heck, I’m game. There’s a pre-set color palette but beyond that, we were free to interpret Art Nouveau however we wanted.
This is a swatch of the pattern I came up with, with a look at the palette I was working from:

The competition is stiff. There are 84 designs and many of them are incredible. Voting goes from now through March 24th. I don’t expect to win the contest, but it was fun to participate.
I’m working on some ideas for their Daffodils contest now, in addition to other non-contest-related fabric ideas I have brewing. This could get addictive!

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  1. Barb says:

    After I get my water-damaged wall repaired, I should order one of your fabric designs for a new duvet cover …

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