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Oh yeah, Christmas

Apparently my brain is incapable of thinking about Christmas knitting except between December first and about January first. When the calendar turns to December, I suddenly get all these ambitious Christmas knitting plans swirling around in my brain. I frantically knit them, invariably abandoning some of them along the way as the deadline looms and the stress mounts. Then, Christmas comes and goes and for a few days I think about all the Christmas knitting that I’ll do throughout the year so as to not end up with a last-minute rush.
And then my selective Christmas memory sets in and I forget that the holiday even exists.
So what was I doing on December first? Buying skeins of Plymouth Boku to make felted Christmas stockings for Eva, my husband and myself.

Not bad for two days work, eh? It helps when you’re knitting loosely on size 10.5 needles, in straight stockinette in the round.

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