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July, 2012:


I haven’t tried the pomegranate thing yet. And apparently I’ve been on some sort of blogging hiatus. So what has been going on for the last 4-5 months?

Well, let’s see. Celiac disease for one thing. So simply figuring out what’s “safe” to eat and shopping and avoiding contamination in my own kitchen have taken an incredible amount of extra time and effort. But it’s getting easier.

Daughter’s wedding. She lives in Northern California and is getting married among the Redwoods in September! I made her wedding dress. It’s in the mail, literally. So I’m anxiously waiting to hear if it fits. That project has taken up some time, and I felt so honored that she asked me to do it.

With all that going on, I do still make it to my Saturday knitting group at Black Bear Crossing on the Lake. This is an open-to-anybody knitting group (we actually also welcome crocheters, spinners, all of it). We meet every Saturday on the second floor of the Pavilion. It’s a pretty spot right on Como Lake, with good parking, plenty of seating, good light, a little restaurant on site … and even live music! If you’re interested, just drop by. Total lack of structure but there’s usually someone there from 10-noon or so. No dues, no commitments, no membership roster, all ages, genders, persuasions and fiber passions welcome. We’d love to see some new faces, and some old friends who haven’t been there in a while.

I’ve managed to finish a couple pairs of socks, nothing earth-shattering. I need to take pictures and add them to my Projects list in Ravelry. That gives such a good record of what has been done. I love Ravelry.

I’ve been working on a little lace shawlette that has gone on a while and has me slightly crazy. (Thank heaven for lifelines!)

Weeks can pass without doing any work on it, then when I pick it up I can’t remember where I am, or knit the wrong row. Ugh! I’ve had to pull back to the lifeline a time or two, so lifelines: a very good thing to use!