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June, 2011:

2012 Knitting Calendar

Last year I participated in a spinning challenge through one of the many Ravelry groups. The idea was to take 4 ounces of fiber purchased from one of the sponsoring fiber stores (Splunky Eclectic, Hello Yarn or Southern Cross Fibre), spin it and knit it into an original creation. It was a competition, with prizes. I did not win. The winner was Sweetgum by Stacey Simpson Duke.

But I was happy with my yarn and my finished product, so I submitted it (called the Lacy Girly-Girl Poncho) for publication in the 2012 Knitting Calendar. And it was accepted! No prize, but I did get a free copy of the calendar. And the surprise of seeing it on the back cover.

2012 Knitting Calendar

Yea me! Yea Andrea for taking the photo! Yea Eva for being oh so cute!

If you like the pattern but don’t want to buy the calendar to get it, you can download it here.