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December, 2010:

Goodbye 2010

Here it is, the last day of 2010.  I just watched a newscast that reviewed some of the Big Stories of the past year.  And I thought, “good riddance to that year.”  It just all sounded like … So. Much. Cabbage.   It must be Cabin Fever.  It has been a really long December.

Now that Andrea has our site back up and running, all beautifully redesigned and so much easier to use, I’m going to be more diligent about posting to it regularly, even when I don’t necessarily have all that much to say about knitting per se(Just to be clear, that’s not a resolution … it’s just a statement.)  I think it’ll help me stay focused and finish my knitting (and other) projects, inspire me to turn my piles of project notes and scribbles into repeatable, shareable patterns, encourage me to keep my Ravelry records up to date … and best of all, I think it will pump up the the positive energy.  Hazzah!

Hey, Deb, I didn’t hear from you about whether there’ll be a New Year’s Day meet-up somewhere, so I plan on going over to Black Bear Crossing as usual. Hope to see you there!


What knitting?   Where?  Christmas?  It’s when?  Really?  Eeeek!

Snowed in!

Snow depth at about 1 p.m.

I really, really, really hate being snowed in!  We have about 8 inches so far, headed for 14-16.  No hope of going anywhere.  All.  Day.  Long. 

I forced the back door open and it looks more like 10-11″ so far.  Ughhh!

At long last, a new website

After much blood, sweat, and tears… okay, after much procrastination and then a few hours of hard work … we now have a brand spanking new Pink Argyle! We’re now run on a different and better content management system which will hopefully make maintenance of this website easier and thus encourage us to post more often.

For you the reader, not that much is different. We’ve imported all the old entries into the new system, so nothing is lost. We still have all our free patterns available for download, but now they’re much easier to find — just look over there on the sidebar to the right.

Hope you enjoy the new site and we look forward to posting lots more!