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April, 2010:

Finished a project!

I tied a pink bow around her neck and made a baby shower gift of her. (Does that sound like the first line of a really cheesy book?)
Brown bear
This is an adaptation of Harry Bear by Berroco Design. I rewrote it to knit in the round, though the original pattern was made in two pieces, then sewn together. Yes, I really do dislike sewing pieces together that much. It worked surprisingly well, and without seams (except as needed to close things up), it was even softer than the white one I made for Eva using the same yarn (Sensations Beautiful).
And most important, the expectant mom seemed to like it.

Nearing the finish line

Whew, I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on several projects: a new take on a teddy bear I’ve knitted before, the Apre Surf hoodie I’ve been working on for, oh, about a year, and a pair of men’s socks! Photos coming soon.