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September, 2009:

Finally making some progress on knitting projects … yea!

If you haven’t bought it already, you probably NEED the Interweave Knits Weekend Special Edition. There are some really cute patterns in it. I’ve fallen in love with Whirligig Shrug (pattern by Stafanie Japel) and bought some Merino 5 Super Wash (Crystal Palace Yarns) in a dark brown from Kelly at Double Ewe. (If you haven’t seen her new store and it’s at all convenient, you should stop in … nice job, Kelly.)


This little shrug is a quick knit. Two sittings and it’s almost finished (if I were an organized person, it would probably already be finished.*) and it is going to be really, really cute. This is supposed to be a Christmas gift for Eva, but I know already that I won’t be able to wait that long to hand it over to Andrea.
I also bought some Claudia Hand Painted fingering weight. My thought is to make a reversible ear-flap cap – again, for Eva. This will be an “improv” project I think.

Claudia Hand Painted Yarn

And lastly, I am at the finishing stages of a fuzzy white bear** … for … guess who? Eva!
*I had a few things I wanted to accomplish this morning. I stopped by my son’s house to do some touch-up spray painting on his ceiling, and then made the drive over to St. Paul (paint-speckles and all) to meet up with the Always Fantastic Saturday Morning Knitting Group. My Goal for the session: Finish the above-mentioned shrug for Eva. Off I hustle with my big, jam-packed bag of knitting stuff. Partially completed item, yes. Pattern, yes. Needles, yes. Yarn … no. Sigh.
(Amanda was there today, Andrea, so I was finally able to return her brown bear and pattern. Everyone says “hi.”)
Oh, and these lovely peppers are from my itty-bitty lame little garden. We take pride in what little accomplishments we can!


Tales from the Project Graveyard

Well, hi. Have I mentioned yet that having a baby is time-consuming? Not to mention having a baby and working full time on top of that? So much has happened since I last posted, I don’t even know where to start.
I could give a knitting update, but it would read like an obituary. Buttony Sweater: passed away following a long and courageous fight against apathy. Celestine Dodecahedron? Finished eleven of twelve points, stuffed with stuffing, and then abandoned in a fit of pique. Red Vine Socks? Finished the tricky cast-on and actually got it right on the first try, but lost interest after two inches of the pattern.
My house is littered with unfinished projects. I finally figured out why… and it’s not even due to baby-induced ADD. It’s because I’m force-fitting patterns to yarn in my stash and I’m never really happy with anything I’m making. So what’s the best cure for that? Why starting fresh with a pattern I love and some brand new yarn.
So I’m making the Provence Cloche from Interweave Knits Weekend. So far I’ve knitted a few inches of the cabled band that goes around the hat. It’s an interesting construction. First you knit the cabled band, then you pick up stitches around the bottom of it and knit the brim. Then you pick up stitches around the top of it and knit the top of the hat. Lots of picking up stitches! Good thing I learned an easy and nice-looking way of doing it.

Why knows if the Provence Cloche will ever be finished? I think it will, but I had high hopes for all of my other dead projects. I guess you could say I have other priorities…

It’s hard to care too much whether or not I finish a knitting project, when I have this red-haired, blue-eyed cute-machine to play with every day. Almost eight months old already and I think she’s pretty much the best thing on earth. She’s the cat’s whiskers, as my mom would say.

Good heavens!

Eek! Where have the months gone? Last posting was in June?? And now it’s September … and I’m still waiting for summer to come. I think I’m going to be hysterical! (Well, I guess that’s sort of how life has been the last few months … hysterical. But I won’t go into any of that.)
I do think I have to put the Apre Surf Hoodie away for the time being. I need to FINISH something. And the air is taking on a crispness, calling me to move on to fall/winter projects. Maybe a cap with ear flaps for Eva. I bought a couple of magazines last weekend and found a really cute hat pattern (very simple, quick) for women. Well, for anyone really. They’d make nice, quick gifts. Hmmm ….