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May, 2009:

Blocking wires

… a must-have for me now that I’ve tried them.
I finished the blue “white shawl” project .
Its radius is 24” (48” diameter). And its circumference is about 540 degrees! Since that’s way more than a circle (and greater than a circle is what you want so you get that stay-on-your-shoulders drape), you really need to block it right.
As you can see, I folded the shawl in half and laid it out on a big bed covered with absorbent blanket-sized towels, and strung the wires through matching points. I gently fussed and stretched and pinned to be sure everything was blocked out to 24” from the center.
This was a lot easier than the last circular shawl I blocked. So blocking wires … they’re the real deal!

Free Pattern

Well, I finally got the pattern for Eva’s Hat posted in our DIY section… and it’s also available through Ravelry. Here’s Andrea, taking Eva for a walk, and baby’s wearing the hat! (Don’t you just love it when you make things and they actually get used?)
Eva and Andrea
And just as exciting … I have a Bella Lana gift certificate and used it to score some blocking wires. (How exciting is THAT?) I’m just finishing the circular shawl and am so excited to use for-real blocking wires to block it. I hear they’re the real deal. I’ve always just used a b-jillion pins and patience, patience, patience, so this should be a real treat.
I’ll report back on how the blocking goes!