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April, 2009:

It’s not much, but it’s all I’ve got!

cabled socks
I finally finished some cabled socks I’ve been working on. This has been one of those projects … I don’t particularly like the yarn and started and stopped a couple of projects using it. But for some strange reason had a “need” to do something with it. Well, I now have a pair of socks I don’t love. So it goes. The learning (which isn’t a new learning of course) is that some projects probably really are not worth the effort. But now I can move on to other things!

Provisional Cast On

Here’s a very nice, simple video of what may be the easiest ever provisional cast on. It uses both a crochet hook and a knitting needle, plus, of course, the contrasting yarn. No more poking around in a chain trying to find the right crocheted loop to pick up. I may never do any other kind!

Yes, I still knit (once in a while)

I miss knitting. I don’t get that many chances to knit these days, what with the whole baby thing and all. Especially now that I’ve gone back to work. I used to be able to take Eva out to a coffee shop during her nap time and the stroller would work its magic and put her into a deep sleep, and I would knit. Not these days; the world is far too fascinating a place for miss Eva!
Eva gives with one hand and takes away with the other, however. She’s now moved her bedtime back from 10pm to 8pm, so I suddenly have some time in the evening! And I managed to sneak away from the house today and get to my knitting group. The result of all this? A Finished Object!

Eva's hat, size large

This is my version of Eva’s hat. I made the large size, which was the only size my mom hadn’t made. Now that we’ve made all the sizes, the pattern is almost ready to go up in our DIY section. We just need to make a couple of tweaks and then it’ll be up. Hooray!

Easiest ever short row heel

When I knit socks, I do a short-row heel … but I’ve never found them particularly easy and mine never look that great. So I was looking around for different ways to do short rows, and came across what looks like the easiest ever short row technique. I can hardly wait to try it!

You might also like to download Charisa Martin Cairn’s “Lifestyle Toe Up Socks” pdf and Judy Gibson’s “You’re Putting Me On” generic socks pattern. Both of these contain links to lots of other instructional materials.