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March, 2009:

Here she is … wearing the hat

Thank you, Andrea, for the photo of Eva …

She’s just too cute for words!

Cuter on the babe than the balloon

… but for now you’ll just have to take my word for it. I don’t have a picture of Eva wearing her little mint green hat but, trust me, she looks really cute in it … like a little elf. It fits her just right, right now, at 3 months, so I think she might get a few weeks of wear out of it!
Eva's Hat, size small Eva's hats ...
Now I’ve moved on to other projects. I’m back working on the “White Shawl” project at home … that project takes a little concentration. And I also just started a pair of toe-up socks, these being an easy, portable project to keep myself occupied while I sit and wait through my husband’s chemo treatments. Four to go.
I saw Coraline Saturday. Loved it … I thought it was a little scary, but when you stop and think about it, a lot of children’s stories are pretty darned scary!

Okay, this is really lame …

I have the hats finished but no babe. So here they are, being modeled by a balloon, balanced on top of a ceramic vase.

Eva's Hat Eva's Hat

Sometimes you just have to make due with found objects! Stay tuned. Andrea is knitting the hat in size large, I’m knitting it in size small, and if all is well with the pattern, you will be able to download it from our DIY section or through Ravelry.

I Finished Eva’s Hat

Remember that project? Well, I ripped it back and now it’s finished and big enough. I’ll post up a photo when I have a baby to put it on! I’m reknitting it now in a creamy white to proof the pattern.

My loot

My mother-in-law gave me all this stuff yesterday. It’s all her knitting and crocheting supplies from back when she used to be really into knitting and crocheting years ago. I had mentioned casually some time ago that I should learn how to crochet someday, and next thing I know I have inherited the mother lode. She said that she’d bought every size needle and hook, and it certainly seems that way. So far I’ve learned the basic crochet stitches and am starting to crochet a dish cloth to give to her. She’d mentioned that if I felt like crocheting her some dish cloths, I should feel free. Hint taken!