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February, 2009:

Hmmm … I need to rethink this!

I had a skein of Lorna’s Lace Tickled Pink fingering weight in my stash, and decided to make a little spring hat for Eva. No pattern of course, just making it up as I go. (Yep, because I’m just so very good at that ….)
“So just how big is a 6-month-old’s head,” I wondered, well into the project.
Dunno. So I googled it and found a helpful (I say “helpful” somewhat wryly since it’s now after the fact …) guide to sizing.
According to that, her head will be around 16-17 inches in circumference at six months, and require a hat height of about 6.5-7 inches. Height’s not a problem, at least not yet … but circumference …
Hat for Eva
… as you can see (and I can no longer be in denial about this), it’s going to be too small for her by the time the weather is warm enough here in Minnesota to do much strolling. Hrrumpf!
I’m thinking out loud here … if I tear this back to the eyelet row and decrease the number of stitches to half instead of a third for the crown, it should (hopefully) still have enough fullness around the scalloped edge for a little bit of a girly flared brim. Might be too big then, but if so, it could easily be tightened up by threading a ribbon through the eyelets. We’ll go with that for now and see what happens.
Oh, the suspense, the adventure …
(Gosh, if this is really my idea of high drama, I do need to get a life!)

Buttony Sweater

And here’s the start to my Buttony Sweater.

When Rowan discontinued their yarn Plaid, my mom and I bought up a bunch of skeins at 50% off. I bought the blue yarn, and my mom went a little nuts and bought four or five other colors. It turned out that I didn’t end up with enough of the blue to make a sweater, so mom donated some of her other colors and I’m now making my Buttony sweater full of stripes. I’m really liking how it’s turning out.
Brad and I often take Eva out to the mall or Barnes & Noble in the afternoons because she naps well in her car seat and stroller, so I think that will be a good opportunity for me to bring along my knitting and enjoy a coffee. That’s what I did yesterday and I got ten rows done.
This parenthood thing is getting easier and more fun every day!

Back in the game

After over a month, I have finally started knitting again. Babies are hard work, did you know that? Apparently I had no idea what I was in for.
So yesterday I finally went back to my knitting group and brought Eva.

Luckily she was sleepy and just napped in her stroller the whole time.
I cast on for the Buttony Sweater (Ravelry link) using some Rowan Plaid. This is more of a formula than a pattern, and it’s a super simple top-down raglan. I think it’s about at my intellectual capacity these days. Between the sleep deprivation and trying to learn how to take care of a baby, simple is good. Essential, even.
And I can’t really post here without a gratuitous baby picture, can I?

Eva's new hat

She’s one month old now and at just over 8 pounds, she’s still not much bigger than most peoples’ babies are when they’re born. She was only 6 pounds 1 ounce at birth. So she’s still way too small for everything that’s been knit for her, with the exception of that little hat that my friend Megan whipped up for her a couple of weeks ago. So one of these days (or months, more likely), our little Eva is going to be a very well-dressed baby when her handknits finally fit her.

Finished …

I finished That Hat.
That Hat
Thank you, Kelly, for the free pattern. I did end up using one skein of Ivy and filling in with a little handspun.

Chinese New Year

If you’re looking for inspiration for any sort of fabric project, visit the Midtown Global Market. Sometimes I go there just to browse the unique shops. Sometimes they have craft shows or special ethnic celebrations … there’s always something interesting and visually stimulating happening.
We were there recently with my son’s mother-in-law, who is from Hong Kong. Every year she treats us to dinner for Chinese New Year which this year was on January 26th. It’s a lunar event so the date varies from year to year. Anyway, we went to the Jade Asian Restaurant in the Midtown Global Market on Friday, and saw a really excellent Dragon Dance.* She knows the owner of the restaurant, so we got a look at the Dragon up close and personal.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.
These performers were fantastic. I thought it was one of the best Dragon Dances I’ve seen in Minneapolis.
Whether there’s an occasion or not, plan to visit the Midtown Global Market. It’s a feast for the senses, a potpourri of ethnic colors and flavors and smells. It really is one of the most colorful and delightful shopping experiences you can have under one roof.
*My friend refers to it as Dragon Dance, but I think it is more accurately Lion Dance. Costume is more consistent with a lion, and Dragon Dance, I’m told, involves more dancers in the costume. Anyway, it was great!