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October, 2008:

Catching up

So many things to update you on! Let’s let the pictures do most of the talking.
Current project: Helena baby sweater from Knitty. I’m almost finished. I think I need to redo the bottom hem because I foolishly tried a three-needle bind off instead of sewing the hem down and I realized after sewing the sleeve hem that it just looks much better that way. The three-needle bind off is too tight and causes the hem to fold over on itself.

I was out in Boston visiting my sister (a FANTASTIC idea – I’m so glad I did it!) and got a lot of this done. This photo is from a coffeeshop in Boston where we spent a rainy/windy day relaxing with our yarn. It was heavenly.

What you can sort of see in the photo above what Steph is knitting for the baby – a luscious green baby blanket that I can’t wait to snuggle the baby in. She let the surprise out of the bag because it was her only knitting project to work on, and I can’t say I’m sad that I got to see it.
Other baby-related goodness:

This is a fabulous quilt my friend Megan made for the baby, knowing how much I love children’s books. It’s currently hanging on the crib. I predict this will be our go-to blanket for “tummy time”.

And here’s a stack of Amy Butler fabric (plus that uber-expensive bit of red/pink fabric — not Amy Bulter, but I can’t remember who designed it — that I picked up as an accent) that I plan to use to make curtains and a crib skirt for the baby’s room. Now if only I had a decent place to set up the sewing machine… and if I could only tear myself away from knitting long enough to sew something! Knitting will always win out over sewing, but I really love these fabrics and want to use them in the baby’s room. So sewing it is.
And that about brings us up to date. I have other things brewing… I always have more ideas than I have time or energy. But I can tell you that there will DEFINITELY be a new holiday ornament pattern coming soon. So it won’t be all baby knitting around here all the time, I promise.

Oh, time flies!

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted anything! Sorry. Things have been crazy out of control.
My husband is home from the hospital (finally) and recovering, slowly but surely. And so now this can hopefully go back to being a knitting blog!
I finished a mystery project yesterday. It’s s-o-o-o cute but I can’t show you, not yet. It’s a baby shower gift. Go, Andrea, Go! Well, not “go” go – not yet! Just “go” with the baby-making process!

Too much information …

Andrea wrote in her blog that it’s been a long three weeks. Now it’s four. And during all this time surprisingly little knitting has been accomplished.
Four weeks ago today my husband had his initial surgery for colorectal cancer. The bowel did not resume normal function as expected post op, leading to a condition called ileus. His colon became severely distended, eventually leading to a rupture at the anastomosis site. They put drains into him to drain out and clean up after some very nasty leaking and infection.
After a week or so with drains and tubes we don’t even care to talk about, the docs decided the rupture would not heal without diverting the bowel. So they constructed a colostomy (planned to be temporary), and outfitted him with a bag. (Don’t you just love wikipedia and wiktionary?)
Things do seem to be looking up. (Can you believe that getting a colostomy bag is “looking up”?) But, yesterday a CT scan show multiple additional abscesses! So later today we have placement of additional drains in the two largest of these new abscesses.
What was to have been maybe 5 days in the hospital has been four weeks and a day, and is looking like it will be 35 days … if everything goes well from here on. He does look better than he did there for a while … but it sure ain’t pretty!
Sigh …. as promised, no photos.

Finished: Fuzzy Baby Hat

This fuzzy baby hat took me two days to knit, and I wasn’t even knitting that fast. It’s so easy and fast that I could see it making a great last-minute baby shower gift. Of course, this one is a selfish knit and will be for my little girl.

I used Debbie Bodmer’s Sweet and Simple Baby Hat pattern (sans the topknot), but this hat is so simple you practically don’t need a pattern. The yarn is Regia Softy. This knits up as an incredibly soft and stretchy fabric. I was able to knit this entire hat using about half a skein. I will probably be making at least one more of these, but modifying the pattern to make it smaller, since I think this will be too big to fit a newborn’s head.
All in all, it was so satisfying to knit, like knitting candy.
Also hanging out in the picture is the beginning of my Helena baby sweater. I love a good seamless, top-down raglan, and I can’t wait to get to the lace part.
As of this week, I’m six and a half months pregnant. I have piles of fabric to make some curtains and a crib skirt for the baby’s room (and about a million more practical things I could be doing to prepare for the baby) but I’m obviously focusing solely on knitting. It’s just so hard to resist knitting baby stuff.

Baby Picchu

Before I’ve even gotten the buttons sewed onto my first baby sweater, I’m almost to the finish line with my second baby sweater.
This is Baby Picchu, a free pattern from Berroco (Ravelry link).

I love, love, love this sweater. At first I wasn’t so sure about it, because I looked through some examples of finished versions on Ravelry and I didn’t love the fit of it. But the more I looked at the pattern, the more it looked like it would really look better with more of a kimono-style overlap. It occurred to me that it could be the sort of sweater that could really grow with a child. With a big overlap between the fronts of this cardigan, what if I just removed the button as the kid gets older and sew it back in another place to allow for a bigger baby? I’m hoping it will work out that way.
But even if it doesn’t, I am still loving this.

One sleeve to go, and I’ll be done. I’ve modified the pattern quite a bit so that I can knit it seamlessly, but it’s an easy pattern and goes FAST at this gauge. I would highly recommend this if you’re looking for a quick baby project.