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September, 2008:

Finished Object: Sideways Sockyarn Baby Sweater

Just a quick post to show off a finished object – the Sideways Sockyarn Baby Sweater. I finished this tonight, but still need to find some buttons. I made the smallest size (well, the second-smallest size — the smallest size is for a doll) and only made one modification – I simplified the collar.

And yeah, that’s my belly in the photo (six months pregnant as of today, in fact!) — it accidentally snuck its way into the photo. It seems to intrude on lots of things lately.
Posts have been sparse here lately (obviously) because we’ve had our hands full dealing with Dad’s surgery and recovery. I know Mom’s gotten some good work done on her Leo sweater. Busy hands keep busy minds out of trouble, I guess!

Holiday Stocking pattern

Well, I’ve finally finished the pattern for the vintage holiday stocking I first worked on back in March, then declared as a project for the Ravelympics and failed to complete at that time.
Holiday Stocking
I said I’d share the pattern when I was finished, so here it is! There’s a nip in the air, not too early to think about those Christmas projects.
When I’m sitting at the hospital over the next few days, I’ll be working on the Leo …

Who knows? Maybe it will be done by Christmas … maybe not.

Halfway done with the sweater AND the baby

Here’s my Sideways Sockyarn Baby Sweater, halfway finished! The baby is about at the halfway point too.

, originally uploaded by AMK.

The other day, I’d just gotten to the part of the pattern that says, “For boys, work the button hole row as detailed below. For girls, the button holes will go on the right side”, but I didn’t know if I was having a boy or a girl. Well, after an ultrasound yesterday, now I know! The buttonhole goes on the right side….
We’re having a GIRL!
The astute among you might notice this baby sweater looks a bit different than it did when I first posted it. I blame it on pregnancy brain, but I got my stitch counts all wrong somehow (still don’t know how) so I ended up pulling the entire thing out and starting over with the yarn I dyed a couple of weeks ago.
I’m loving pregnancy right now. Getting used to the idea that we’re having a girl… feeling physically good… feeling her kicking like crazy in there. Once I’m done with this sweater, I have lots of ideas for more baby knits. I have patterns ready for a few more gender-neutral sweaters. Now that I know we’re having a girl, here are a couple of more girly possibilities that I love:
- Peapod Baby Set (boo hoo… I love this pattern but it looks like Interweave Knits no longer has it available online. I hope they post it on Knitting Daily someday…)
- Helena (from Knitty)
And someday when the Muppet is bigger, I’d love to knit Reid for her.

The crazies have not been easy to keep at bay.

I don’t like to talk about a lot of really personal stuff, and I promise, no photos.
Andrea really has been overwhelmed with crazies lately …. all that goes along with being pregnant, getting ready for the baby, keeping up with home routine, and being crazy-busy at work.
Another really, really overwhelming “crazy” she didn’t mention, that we all in fact could barely say out loud even among ourselves until the last few days, is that her dad, my husband, was diagnosed recently with colorectal cancer.
What a shock! The whole family has ricocheted between denial and sheer panic for the last two weeks! We’ve kind of settled in for the moment at least at very concerned but optimistic.
We’re through the diagnostic and screening processes. The tumor was found on routine colonoscopy. It is malignant, Stage I or possibly very early Stage II. The doctors assure us that we have every reason to be optimistic that the tumor can be removed completely and he will lead a perfectly normal life.
So in a couple of days we meet with the surgical team to discuss next steps and set up a date for his surgery. Then, once all the pathology results are in, we meet with the oncology team to decide if chemo and/or radiation will follow.
So the bottom line on colonoscopies: Ya, the prep is gross and awful, and the colonoscopy itself sounds so rude and crude a person doesn’t want to think about it, much less talk about it! But folks, if you’ve achieved the age where your doctor says you should have that routine colonoscopy, or if someone in your family has had colon cancer, don’t put it off like my husband did. It might be icky and no fun at all, but it pales in comparison to hearing the words “we’ve found …colon cancer.”
We’ll be beating back the crazies on this one for a while yet so keep the needles handy. Clickity, clickity, click ……