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Paper crafts

Warning: non-knitting craftiness ahead

Christmas and the new year have been such a blur, what with chasing after a very crawly baby, juggling family and a snowstorm that kept us guessing about which of our holiday plans would happen and which would be canceled, and a family emergency on Brad’s side of the family. I still have a hard drive full of photos that haven’t been uploaded yet.
But the photos will have to wait a little while. I’m busy getting things ready for Eva’s first birthday, which is — I can’t believe it — in a week. Here’s a taste of what I’m working on for her birthday. We’re having a really small birthday party and I’m not going all out with decorations, but I wanted to make a little something festive to brighten up the house during her party.

The theme of the party is “apple of our eye”. I think it’ll be fun.