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At long last, a new website

After much blood, sweat, and tears… okay, after much procrastination and then a few hours of hard work … we now have a brand spanking new Pink Argyle! We’re now run on a different and better content management system which will hopefully make maintenance of this website easier and thus encourage us to post more often.

For you the reader, not that much is different. We’ve imported all the old entries into the new system, so nothing is lost. We still have all our free patterns available for download, but now they’re much easier to find — just look over there on the sidebar to the right.

Hope you enjoy the new site and we look forward to posting lots more!

Oh noes!

My neglect of this website has transcended (or descended?) to a new level. Not only have I been neglecting the site, but I’ve been neglecting my email! You see, when I first started this site I set up my email to forward to my gmail account. Something must have happened along the way because it stopped forwarding. So I’ve been missing a lot of emails. I guess I just thought things were quiet around here.
So, if you’ve sent me anything please don’t feel slighted. I just didn’t see it. I’m going to have to spend a few days sifting through the messages.
In the meantime, I have precious little to report on the knitting front. I’ve been kept so very busy by a newly-mobile baby and haven’t really been knitting. I have grand plans for a set of Christmas stockings for the babe, her dad and me. But I have to get cracking because Christmas is coming up far too quickly.
To distract you from the lack of anything important I have to say, here’s a recent photo of Eva wearing her Sideways Sockyarn Sweater. Most of the sweaters that have been knit for her fit her just great these days, which has turned out to be very good timing, with winter coming up.

Sideways sockyarn sweater