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Sh*t Knitters Say

Advent Calendar

How cool is this? Cut Out + Keep is currently doing a crafty advent calendar, revealing one Christmas-related craft a day. The crafts so far include sewing with felt, cooking, paper crafts, and more.
And how cool is this? They asked to include my mini mitten pattern for today’s project.
And just to put an extra finishing touch on the coolness, today is my Dad’s birthday. Happy birthday, Dad!
See Cut Out + Keep’s advent calendar here.

Handmade Holidays 2008

I can’t believe I’ve neglected to mention the Sew, Mama, Sew! Handmade Holidays series! This is the second year of Handmade Holidays, and so far it’s been chock full of fantastic ideas for handmade gifts of all kinds – not only sewing projects. There are also things like knitting projects, foodie gifts, and some ideas for handmade gifts to buy rather than make.
I’m immensely flattered to say that my Mini Mitten Ornament pattern was included in the Holidays at Home category; but even if it weren’t included, I’d still be recommending you stop by there and check out all the great ideas.
This year, the family has talked about toning down the Christmas gifts a bit. With everything we’ve all got going on, it’s clearer than ever that spending time together is much more important than spending money on each other. That hit home even more last week when my husband was laid off from his job… yet another victim of this flailing economy.
So it’s nice to have a resource like this to come up with some ideas for simple handmade gifts. There are quite a few in the collection so far that look like they’d be economical gifts and not take ridiculous amounts of time to make. Sounds perfect to me.