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Good heavens!

Eek! Where have the months gone? Last posting was in June?? And now it’s September … and I’m still waiting for summer to come. I think I’m going to be hysterical! (Well, I guess that’s sort of how life has been the last few months … hysterical. But I won’t go into any of that.)
I do think I have to put the Apre Surf Hoodie away for the time being. I need to FINISH something. And the air is taking on a crispness, calling me to move on to fall/winter projects. Maybe a cap with ear flaps for Eva. I bought a couple of magazines last weekend and found a really cute hat pattern (very simple, quick) for women. Well, for anyone really. They’d make nice, quick gifts. Hmmm ….

My loot

My mother-in-law gave me all this stuff yesterday. It’s all her knitting and crocheting supplies from back when she used to be really into knitting and crocheting years ago. I had mentioned casually some time ago that I should learn how to crochet someday, and next thing I know I have inherited the mother lode. She said that she’d bought every size needle and hook, and it certainly seems that way. So far I’ve learned the basic crochet stitches and am starting to crochet a dish cloth to give to her. She’d mentioned that if I felt like crocheting her some dish cloths, I should feel free. Hint taken!

Summer knitting

I’ve always struggled a little with knitting in the summer but I have projects stacked up:
I’m at about the 2/3 finished point with the baby blanket. That coincides with the “doneness” of the baby it’s being knitted for. So that project has precedence over the Leo sweater for my son, the due date of which may be moved from birthday in September to Christmas.
In addition to those two works in progress, I have committed to participate in the 2008 Knitting Olympics Group … find complete rules here.
The Knitting Olympic Trials are open to any knitter on Ravelry who wants to push themselves to complete a project within 17 days … basically, the challenge is to cast on a project during the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics (Aug. 8) and finish before the Olympic flame goes out (Aug. 24).
My project for that needs to be a second knitting to confirm the accuracy of a pattern I adapted from a vintage Christmas hearth stocking. I hope to post this up as a free pattern in time for people to actually knit it for Christmas. Stay tuned ….
And last but not least … we have Brad and Andrea’s baby, due in January. I haven’t decided on a project yet. This will be the first grandchild, so it has to be something pretty special! I’m open to suggestions ….

Happy Birthday, Andrea!

Making an angel food cake from a box mix is about as easy as it gets:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Pour mix into large bowl.
Add 1¼ c. cold water.
Mix on low for 30 seconds, then on high for 1 minute.
Pour in angel food cake pan.
Bake for 43-47 minutes. (Do not underbake.)
Rest on neck of a bottle to cool.

Angel food flop

OMG! It’s amazing what gravity can do.
(The second cake was perfect.)

Too burned out to even think of a title for this post

I’m going to have to pass on today’s Yarnography Friday. Something is wrong with my shoulder blade and I’ve been in pretty excruciating pain today. I actually think it might be repetitive stress injury from working too much in a non-ergonomically-correct computer setup for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been a bit frantic with a deadline at work.
But who wants to hear about injuries and work and stressful deadlines, especially on a Friday? And especially when there’s a new edition of Yarnival to read?
This month’s Yarnival is edited by Miz T and it’s chock full of interesting links, the vast majority of which I still haven’t gotten around to look at. And my very own Mom has her zipper tutorial linked to in it, so that’s cool. So welcome to anyone who’s come here from Yarnival!
Tomorrow, I’m going to introduce Mom to the wonders of Double Ewe Yarn (she wants to get in on the string bag sale). Then we’re probably going to head over to the Mall of America for the Knit Out and Crochet, which is supposedly going to be the biggest gathering of knitters and crocheters ever. If we get there by 2:30, we’ll be able to see the fastest knitting/crocheting competition. I just think it’ll be funny to see the Mall of America overrun with knitterly type people. I can only imagine what the tourists will think.